So I’ve been traveling a week since the program ended and I’ve been to four countries and two continents so far. Paris, London, Copenhagen, and Istanbul (Europe and Asia). After I still have Athens, Berlin, Budapest, Prague, Bologna, and Rome! 

It is exhausting and it could be stressful, but overall it is worth it all! Right now I am in Istanbul hanging outside of our hostel on a live street. The workers are really friendly and sweet. I am building a lot of stories with  my close friends and I cannot wait to share it with my family. 

Final video_Spring Hill Italy Center Spring 2013

Made by Alex Wolfe and Lincoln Stanfield

Last night in Bologna with these wonderful people!!! Take care<3

This is why I love Bologna, Italy! There are a lot of students in the city with many live events. In a nice warm night, you can scroll around the city with a nice cool beer in your hand. Plus the people and music complete the night with smiles. 

End of the semester… bittersweet feeling… 

I can’t believe the semester is over with. I just felt like it was yesterday when I came into Bologna and met all of these people. It is so weird that I spent the most memorable months of my life with these people and that I may never see some of them again. We created such a close bond with all of the people in the Spring Hill College Italy Center since there were only 31 students total. Thank you all for making this semester memorable. I am glad that I meet  you all.

ROME April 11, 2013

I took a day trip and traveled to Rome all alone. It was the most pleasant trip by far. I felt that I had all the time in the world. I highly suggest to take a day or weekend and travel alone. You will not regret it. 

April 3 Dinner at Marrakech 

The people we met in Morocco are very welcoming. Morocco was a life changing experience and I want to go back. 

April 2-3 Marrakech, Morocco

stay at Marrakech Equity Point Hostel

And went shopping in the market! 

April 2: Crazy Drive to Marrakech, Morocco from Ouarzazate

April 2 Lunch at Ouarzazate, Morocco 

April 1, 2013

Camel Ride Back. We didn’t just ride a camel for 10 mins but 1 1/2 hour into the Sahara and 1 1/2 hour back. 

 March 31-April 1, 2013 Sahara at Merzouga, Morocco 

Rode the Camel into the desert for 1 and a half hour. 

Camped in the Sahara

Watched the sunset on Easter Morning


March 29-30 Atlas Mountain Region: Beni Mallel- Bed and Breakfast at Sami’s

Amazing Sunrise and Sunset

Easter Egg contest!

Morocco Trip!

March 29-30:

Atlas Mountain Region: Beni Mallel- Bed and Breakfast at Sami’s

Morocco Trip!

March 29, 2013: Visit Hassan II Mosque

In Casablanca, Morocco


March 22-24, 2013